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What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss And How Hair Growth Serums Help With That?

It’s everyone’s wish to have long, thick, and luscious hair, right? Due to the high usage of chemical hair products, pollution, and many other factors, hair loss has become the biggest hurdle in achieving long luscious hair. But you don’t have to worry anymore as this article will help you learn more about the causes of hair loss and its prevention just so you can enjoy healthy long hair!

Causes Of Hair Loss:

Typically, people lose hair every day by single or multiple strands, but it is not noticeable as new hair strands grow simultaneously. The problem is when re-growth is not occurring, and that’s the time to consult a doctor or make some changes depending on your condition. There are many factors for hair loss like hereditary, aging, hormonal changes, PCOS, chemical products use and exposure of heat to intense heat, etc. Let’s take a glance through some of them;

1. Genetics:

Genetics has a great influence on your hair. Hereditary hair loss refers to the one that runs in your family and is mostly found in men. In other words, your genes determine how sensitive your scalp is to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair growth shortening. There is no cure for hereditary hair loss, but a few treatments can help slow it down.

2. Hormonal Imbalance And Medical Conditions:

When a woman reaches menopause, the levels of hormones estrogen and progesterone dropdown. Low production of these hormones triggers excess production of androgen (male hormone), causing thinner hair production, which ultimately leads to hair loss. Other conditions in women like pregnancy, childbirth, and thyroid problems are the factors causing hair loss. Medically, alopecia, scalp infection, and trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) are some conditions leading to hair loss.

3. Heat Exposure And Stress:

Nowadays, heating tools are part of our everyday hair routine. They do uplift our look but over usage prone to damage. That’s why it is essential to avoid high heat hair styling tools. Apart from this, shampoos and conditioners with excessive chemicals are likely to cause hair damage. Wearing tightly pulled-back hair can cause permanent hair loss. Stress is one of the most common hair loss factors. Any stressful or distressing experience lasting for months can lead to hair loss but is temporary

Hair Growth Serums:

It’s the 21st century, where you can find a solution to every problem. Take the first step by getting yourself a quality hair growth serum to prevent hair loss. The suitable serum works wonders and can reduce hair loss greatly as the magic lies in its composition. Let’s study more and find out why hair growth serums are the best choice for you to overcome hair loss;

How Do Hair Growth Serums Work?

Hair growth serum consists of a liquid formula that creates a protective layer that protects your hair from heat, humidity, UV radiations, chemicals with natural ingredients like biotin, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The amazing formula enriches with organic ingredients rejuvenates your hair by making them smooth, shiny, and thick. Thus they are less likely to fall or get damaged from heating. Hair growth serums target your hair follicles and boost their elasticity and thickness by;

  • Organic Nourishment:

Your scalp needs nourishment to stay healthy and produce luscious hair, and quality serums filled with them. Organic nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and biotin prevent hair damaged from the sun, radiations, and different chemicals and repair the damaged tissues.

  • Increase the Blood Flow:

Hair Growth Serums containing caffeine and ginger work best in increasing hair flow, thus promote hair growth.

  • Reduce DHT Production:

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) triggers hair loss in women. Hair serums enrich with oleanolic acid can help to hinder its production, thus producing healthier hair.

Genetics does have a huge impact on your hair, but a good quality serum can improve and strengthen hair quality.

Choose the Right Serum:

When it comes to getting a hair growth serum, it is important to get a quality one for yourself. A low-quality serum will produce thin hair, which can even lead to permanent hair damage. So, choose the right one and unleash your thicker and stronger hair!


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